Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Goodbye Easter- Don't Come Back Too Soon...

I have recovered from Easter and am glad to say that it went great. Everyone had a good time and I was minimally stressed- win win for all!

My son was very excited to color eggs, especially since I found a super hero egg decorating kit that I got on clearance at Target last year.

My daughter was not too sure about the egg thing- maybe she'll be more into next year.

Allison wanted to wake up her brother and she did a good job of it by yelling his name over and over again.

Candy and toys... what could be better at 6:30 in the morning?

This is before her and her brother started fighting because she was trying to play with his toys.

Marshmallow bunny pop- can you believe I opened it and let him eat it that early in the morning?

This is my son's handsome smile- looks more like I was holding a gun to his head and forcing him to smile.

The only decent shot of my daughter in her Easter outfit- notice the plate of crackers because my kids just love to pig out on holidays.

Our Easter table. My wonderful husband had it all set up on Saturday while I was at work.

Bunny napkins, how festive.

My son was totally busting a sag while searching for eggs so he took a minute to hike them back up.

Nothing is cuter than a toddler running around looking for Easter eggs.

So, Easter is thankfully over and I won't have to think about hosting another holiday until Christmas. Thank God.

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