Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What Kind of Weirdo is Scared of Bubbles?

Tonight after dinner my husband was giving my 20 month old daughter a bath. She has a bit of a cough so I added some Johnson & Johnson vapor bath to the water which made mountains of bubbles. I ran downstairs to put the leftover roast in the fridge and I heard my daughter uncontrollably crying. I went back upstairs to the bathroom and saw her standing in the tub with tears rolling down her cheeks.

My poor husband had no idea what was wrong with her- he was trying his best to calm her down. My super mom powers kicked in at that moment and I told my husband that Allison must be scared of the bubbles. I lifted her out of the tub and held her while my husband emptied the tub and refilled it with bubble free water. Allison hopped right in and was fine- isn't it funny how toddlers can be having a nervous breakdown one minute and the next they are all rainbows and butterflies?.

My daughter is a weird one- what kid doesn't like bubble baths?

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