Friday, March 4, 2011

Totally Not Ready for This...

I want to preface this post with I am not the type of mom who thinks I am awesome when my children do something smart. Some days I am a great mom and other days I am just a lackluster mom- I figure it will all equal out by the time the kids are adults. When my kids reach a milestone it is all them- I may have helped a bit but they do all of the hard work.

So, my itty bitty baby girl Allison (she is 20 months old) has decided that she wants to be a big girl and go the the bathroom on the potty. She has been doing this off and on for a couple of months and I have been resistant to it. She may be ready but I don't feel ready to potty train her. I have horrible flashbacks to what a pain it was to potty train my son and though I know it will be easier with my daughter I don't feel like dealing with it right now.

Yesterday afternoon she peed on the potty three times and pooped once and her diaper stayed completely dry that whole time. She is too little for this!

Even though I don't feel like dealing with potty training her I am not going to hinder her efforts. Every time she tells me she has to go I take her to the potty and when she goes I tell her what a good girl she is and give her mini M&M's. Maybe I'll start to formally train her when my son is out of school so we will have more time to be home bound but she just may train herself before then.

My little baby girl is growing up way to fast!


  1. i read your blog everyday it makes my laugh everytime. I knew i was not the only one!! HAHA keep up the good work, just wanted to let ya know!

  2. Aubrey did the same thing when I was pregnant with Casey and being a whale I didnt want to bend down help her, clean up etc. We took a week off to train her a few weeks after she turned 2 and she was trained in 2 days!! I was shocked cause training Trevor was 6-8 months of pure hell! Good luck seems like shes ready

  3. Anonymous- Thank you! It is nice to have someone other than a 20 month old and three year think I am interesting!

    Babies and Bargains- My son was hell to train too. It seems like little girls are just smarter and easier than little boys though I know when my daughter is a teenager she will most likely be a pin like I was when I was a teenager.