Friday, March 4, 2011

Kids plus Grocery Shopping equals Nervous Breakdown

Am I the only mom who gets pissed off at my kids? Well not so much the younger one because she is too little to grasp the "I should always listen to mommy" concept. But my son- yikes!

I took them to Stop and Shop this morning and I felt like that mom- you know the one, she has kids that she can't control and is snapping at them throughout the whole store. My daughter wanted to walk instead of sitting in the car part of the carriage which was hard for me to manage but I was doing pretty well until my son decided that he was going to disregard everything I told him to do. I can handle a 20 month old trying to assert her independence just as well as any other mom but throw in a 40 lb three year old not listening and then I have problems.

I scanned a lunchable (my store has cool hand scanners you use while you shop) for my son pre-freak out and there was just no way I was going to be able to make it back to the cooler section to put it back so alas, we bought it. He did not have it for lunch though- I made sure to let him know it was in the fridge and he was not going to be eating it anytime soon. If I'm feeling really mean I may just eat the darn thing in front of him the next time he decides the universe revolves around him.

I will not be taking both children to the store anytime soon. If it comes down to it and we have nothing to eat I would rather go outside and hunt squirrels with a sharpened stick.


  1. Erica- You're killing me!! I have often wondered how I manage to make it home with both of my kids because at least one of them should be dead laying in a store aisle!! We have all been "That Mom" at one time or another; we just need to make sure we give an understanding nod to other mom's when it's their turn.

  2. You can always tell the women who don't have kids because they give dirty looks. I was one of them until I had kids and now I feel awful for judging- maybe having monster kids is my payback!