Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Shaws- Budget? What is This Budget You Speak Of?

1.35 lb Bananas .80
2.44 lbs Pears $4.37
5 lb Bag Potatoes $2.00
Fresh Express Salad $2.00
Cantelope $2.00
5 Pack of Kiwi $2.00
1.31 lb Purdue Fit & Easy Chicken Breast $7.58 - $3 Meat Markdown and .75 MC (doubled)
1.30 lb Purdue Fit & Easy Chicken Breast $7.53 - $3 Meat Markdown and .75 MC (doubled)
Matthews Whole Wheat Bread $3.99 (the best bread ever in the the whole world!)
Mini Oreos Cup $1.00 (a bribe- such a bad mom, huh?)
2 Classico Sauce @ $2.95 BOGO
2 Wheat Ritz Crackers @ $1.99 each - $1/2 MC
3 Thomas English Muffins @ $3.69 buy one get two free
2 Wise Pretzels @ $2.99 BOGO
Sun Drop Soda .99 - .99 MC Free Coupon plus .05 bottle deposit
2 Philly Cream Cheese Minis @ $1.69 each - (2) $1.00 MC
Hood Milk $4.49 - $4.49 free with the Milk Points program
Eggs $1.79
2 Lunchables @ $2.19 BOGO

Total: $42.28
Saved 51%

I am so over budget this week that I don't even care to figure out exactly how much right now.

The chicken breast ended up being about $2.30 a pound after the coupons which isn't the best deal BUT I hate buying the regular chicken breast that I have to trim the heck out of. I am so picky about fat on my chicken that I end up throwing away a lot of what I buy. I figure buying this already trimmed chicken for about .30 a pound more is worth it because I throw out a lot more than .30 in fat per pound of chicken breast after trimming. I am so picky about my chicken that I will not order anything with chicken in it at restaurants because even if there is a minuscule bit of chewy fat I will find it and will want to throw up.

I have decided to not buy junk food anymore except for the occasional bribe (see the Oreos). I will still buy ice cream for my husband and any treats the he requests. I do not consider pretzels and cracker to be junk food- they are a good snack for the kids and myself and if that is the junkiest food they are eating then I think I am going a pretty good job. The soda I bought will be put away for when we have guests over (or for when the kids are driving me crazy and I need a sugar high to calm me down). Believe me, it was so hard for me to not buy the buy one get one free Lays chips, Gortons fish sticks and Tyson chicken nuggets. Mmmmmmm, junk food.

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