Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Love You Even More Target!

Today the kids and I had to run out to get potatoes for so I could make beef stew for dinner. Before you go and think I'm all disorganized, I did have potatoes that I bought on Friday but they were awful so I only had enough to use last night to make mashed potatoes.

So, off to Stop and Shop we went. When I pulled into the plaza parking lot the Target next door had up a sign saying they were now selling fresh produce. I thought the produce section was opening this weekend so I was very excited. We ditched Stop and Shop and headed into my favorite store in the whole world.

I took a picture of what I bought but I am far too lazy to get up and get the memory card from the camera and the receipt. I spent about $18 and got potatoes, a bag of salad, a bag of flour, a can of Campbells Healthy Kids Soup (son begged for it because it had Sponge Bob on it- he's never even really watched that show so I don't know why he wanted it so bad), milk, Nursery Water, wheat bread, a dollar spot toy for my daughter and a matchbox car for my son (my kids were absolute angels in the store- very unusual). I had no coupons with me because I wasn't expecting to even go to target so I got no mind blowing deals but I don;t care because my Target now has produce. Yeah! (as a stay at home mom the things I get excited about are pretty lame.)

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