Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Take Your Green and Shove It...

Today my son's nursery school sent home a Spring newsletter and in it they said they were having a bring someone special to school day. Awww, how cute I thought and then I saw what the theme was. Think Green.

Think Green? Are you kidding me? Why does my almost four year old need to think green when he should be thinking how to listen to his mommy when she tells him to do something. Why can't the theme be something normal like summer time or friendship? I am really getting irritated with this whole "green" bandwagon and the fact that people even call it being green (so lame- and that is coming from someone who drives a stinking minivan).

Do we really need to label everything? Can't the fact that I recycle be just because I don't want to buy tons of expensive town trash bags? Can't the fact that I reuse stuff be because I am just cheap? Why do normal things we do have to be lumped into the silly green movement? I don't want to be green and I don't want my kids to learn how to be green. I want us to be normal people who don't have to jump on a bandwagon because we fear if we don;t people will think we are trying to murder Mother Earth. I mean, the earth is cool and all but I refuse to spend twenty minutes trying to get all of the peanut butter out of the jar so I can recycle it- to the garbage dump it goes!


  1. If they didn't give it some fancy PC label, they couldn't charge us more!! Besides, you know these companies are saving money by reducing packaging and recycling their water, otherwise they wouldn't do it. Don't try and tell me how much your company cares about me and the world because you're "GREEN". You're GREEDY just like always and I'm ok with that just don't try and put a pretty face on it.

  2. huh?? Odd thing to be upset about....

  3. @Amy- I totally agree with you- companies aren't going "green" to save the planet, they want people's money. It is a great buisiness strategy on their parts.

    @Anonymous- I'm an odd person and green people just rub me the wrong way.