Monday, March 21, 2011

I Hate Mopping- Darn You Messy Kids

I feel like lately I have been spending a lot of time mopping the floor. Everyday the kids drop (splatter, throw, etc.) food on the kitchen floor and I am not someone who can just spot clean. Nope, I have to get out the broom to sweep and then I get out the mop. Then of course I can't just mop the kitchen considering the downstairs bathroom is right there so to the bathroom with the broom and mop.

I really wish someone would invent a floor covering that was actually layers of plastic that could be pulled away layer by layer as each one got dirty. How great would that be? Who even cares how much it would cost because I hate mopping and it would make my life easier. Or maybe someone could buy me one of those floor mopping robots (just not for Mother's Day honey- we don't need another rice cooker incident).

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