Monday, March 21, 2011

Good Bye Closet, Hello Trash Bags!

My husband was recently promoted at work and needed some new snazzy work cloths. I had a 30% Gap Give and Get coupon so I headed out (family free) to the outlet mall to pick him up some stuff and to see if there were any good deals on clothes for the kids.

I got my husband some jeans, really nice work pants and nice button up work shirts at the Gap and Banana Republic outlets and I even treated myself to a new pair of jeans and some shirts. The Gap Kids outlet didn't have too much that was at an acceptable price for me but I did get my son some shirts and a pair of pants to put away for next year. I love the Banana Republic outlet and rarely go because taking kids to the outlets is not fun- the stores are not very baby carriage friendly because they put the clothing racks so darn close together.

When I got home and my husband went through what I bought him he went through all of his clothes and donated a trash bag full of stuff that didn't fit him anymore or that he didn't like. I was inspired and went through my clothes also. I totally outdid him and came up with two trash bags full of clothes that I no longer liked. All I have to say is that whoever gets our clothes will be very pleased considering most are name brand and in excellent condition.

I suppose most people would feel wasteful having so much that was sitting around and not being used but I don't. Those two trash bags were things I at one time liked and now I don't like them. My taste changes and I am not going to hold onto stuff because I feel bad getting rid of it. Plus, it feels so good to get rid of things. My drawers are free of clutter and now I can work on filling them back up again (that was a joke- kind of).

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