Friday, February 18, 2011

Whole Foods

Health is Wealth Chicken Nuggets $4.99
Earth's Best Fish Nuggets $4.99
Mom Made Pizza Pockets $3.79 - Free MC Coupon
Well Kids Chicken Hot Dogs $4.99

Total: $13.77
The cashier took off $4.99 for my free coupon instead of what the price really was- I guess they aren't too used to coupons at Whole Foods.

I am very happy with what I got. The chicken nuggets and fish nuggets are breaded in whole wheat bread crumbs and don't have tons of artificial and junky ingredients. I have been looking for healthier hot dogs for my son and these chicken ones are great- there are only a few ingredients in them and are better for him than beef hot dogs. I now have some foods that I can use to get my daughter to eat meat and open up her food repertoire a bit.

I went to the Whole Foods in Dedham, Ma and wowza- it is huge. I was also pleasantly surprised to see that they have a huge wine selection and that they sell beer. What really floored me was that Whole Foods had wine for $2.99 a bottle (with a screw cap) and really nice looking wine with a real cork for $3.99 a bottle! I will so have to buy some the next time I make a trip there.

Shopping at Whole Foods in general is such a lovely experience (except when I have to bring the kids and my daughter is being a little monster). Everyone is so polite and the store is so nice and neat. It is the polar opposite of the Wal-Mart in my town which I would rather cut off both of my hands than ever step foot into again (horribly ignorant and rude customers and the store is just a hot mess in general). If only I were rich enough to do all of my shopping at Whole Foods but I'm not so I will just have to suffice on once in awhile visits.

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