Thursday, February 17, 2011

Operation No More Picky Kids

My kids can be picky eaters. My son at three and a half years old is getting much better at trying new foods so I guess the major picky eater is my nineteen month old daughter.

My new mission in life (other than making sure my kids don't grow up and need therepy) is to expose my children to as many new and healthy foods as possible. Will it cost more? You bet- but in the long run it seems worth it to me to make sure my kids have a healthy attitude towards food. The more new things they try the more things they will like. I will (try) to do this on a $75 a week grocery budget so I am going to have to get creative in my spending. And no, this does not mean I am going to start buying Organic food. To me Organic food is just not worth it- I would rather buy my family lots of healthy food instead of buying a little Organic food (I do buy organic if the ingredients are healthier than the conventional version or if I can get it at the same price or cheaper).

So please join me on my journey to turn my picky kids into kids who love to try new foods. My first major mission will be to get my daughter to eat meat (she will not eat meat at all- not meatballs, not chicken and not even hot dogs) so I am going to Whole Foods tomorrow to find her the healthiest possible chicken nuggets (she will not eat homemade ones so I am hoping to ease her into it by getting her store bought ones). She has eaten chicken nuggets before but the ones from the grocery store are full of junk so I am hoping healthy chicken huggets from Whole Foods will be her gateway into eating homemade chicken.

Wish me luck!

Disclaimer: I am in no way judging how others feed their kids, this is just what I feel like will work for my family.

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