Sunday, February 20, 2011

TV Isn't That Bad For Kids

I don't let the kids watch tons of TV during the week but on Sundays the TV is kind of a free for all. Sundays are our relaxing day so having the TV on keeps the kids somewhat quiet for a small amount of time whereas if there was no TV it would be just complete chaos. My kids' favorite game to play together is Ready, Set, Go in which at the word go each child races either the toy baby carriage or toy shopping carts down the hallway from the family room to the kitchen. It them turns into baby carriage/shopping cart demolition derby.

So yes, the TV is a wonderful thing that keeps my husband and I sane on Sundays (is nothing more wonderful than when your husband asks you how you deal with the kids all day when he is at work because they are just so tiresome to be around- it is nice to know he knows that being a stay at home mom is not a wonderful job to have a lot of the time).

Today my son was watching TV and Little Bill was on Nick Jr. My son came running into the kitchen, opened the fridge and was searching through the drawers. He then said he was looking for a carrot to eat because Little Bill had one. I literally had to pick up my jaw off of the kitchen floor. Once my jaw was picked up I found a carrot (with a huge smile on my face) and washed it and peeled it. I gave it to my son, he took a bite and said it was gross. You know what I did? I gave my son a high five and told him how proud I was that he tried a raw carrot- then I fed it to the guinea pig (whose name is pig). My son would have never tried a raw carrot if I had told him to but because Little Bill was eating one he wanted one too.

TV is not a bad thing. I gives moms a little break during the day and helps them keep a shred of their sanity. It can also be a great learning tool for kids. I swear that Sesame Street had a large part in my son being able to count to ten at a very young age. I don't feel bad for letting my kids watch TV because I balance it with other things. I read books to both of my kids everyday, my kids are constantly running around which drives me crazy but is great exercise for them and we have fun playing silly games together during the day.

So Little Bill, you are all right in my book- you got my son to take a bite of a raw carrot.


  1. I agree if kids are watching the RIGHT things its def worth it..I let my kids watch Nick Jr, and PBS and they pick up a lot from it. When my older son watches Spongebob not so much lol

  2. Thank you! With all of the amazing shows for little kids, they can watch some TV and learn something too. After working all day, we would never eat dinner if I didn't get a free 1/2 hour to cook thanks to Nick Jr.