Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Will Power, GRRRR.

Since I stopped nursing my daughter when she turned one my weight started to creep up. Granted, I lost tons of weight after I had her just from nursing and restricting dairy from my diet due to her dairy allergy so my weight now is what before kids. Sounds great but my weight before kids was when I was eating fast food all of the time and drinking wine here and there (when I say here and there I mean a lot). I wasn't overweight by any means but I also wasn't at a weight that fit my body type (my stomach was flatter though). I am only five feet tall and have a small frame so my current 113 pounds equals a pudgy belly and thighs that are a bit too big for my liking but if that is a good weigt for me then so be it.

I decided to see if my current weight is a good weight and I am thinking not so much. I signed up for Calorie Count at About.com so that I could keep track of what I was actually eating. I thought I wasn't eating a ton but today, with not even eating a lot, I was at about 1600 calories (I was trying to eat 1500 calories). My menu included Yoplait low fat yogurt, 3 brown 'n serve sausage links (could have done without this but yum!), vitamin, Healthy Choice Asian Potstickers meal, can of Mountain Dew (could have done without this), Smart Taste pasta with no salt added pasta sauce and 3 small homemade meatballs and one cup of brown rice with a tablespoon of Smartlife Buttery Spread (my after dinner snack). I also have drunken four glasses of water so far (I am working on drinking two more). On a normal day where I wasn't being super conscious of what I was eating my calorie count would have been way higher.

So I am going to do an experiment for the next two weeks. I am going to keep my calories under 1600 and not exercise at all (my only exception will be on Fridays because we get take out- I will be more conscious of what I chose to eat though). My only exercise will be just doing the every day stuff that a mom does. I am also going to continue taking a daily vitamin and will drink 64 ounces of water every day. If I lose weight by just eating less but more healthy foods then my current weight obviously is too high for my body type.

I really think this is a good thing for me because now when I want a soda I will have to think about how many calories it is and if it is worth using up some of my calorie allowance on it. It also means that I will actually have to have some will power which has been my arch nemesis.

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