Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Dentyne $1.79 - .75 Target Coupon
7 Healthy Choice Meals @ $1.69 each - $1.69 BOGO MC, $1.69 B4GO MC, $1.69 Target Coupon and $1.69 instant savings
Sprite $3.00 plus .60 bottle deposit
Reveal Light Bulbs $2.00 - $1.50 Target Coupon and $1.00 MC ***.50 overage***
Scale $7.99 - 10% Target Coupon
Thermos Water Bottle $3.08 (reg. $12.39)
Less .89 Red Card Savings
(it also appears as if the cashier took off an extra $1.69 from my order on top of the coupons I listed above- I just noticed it as I was entering my receipt)

Total: $17.06
Saved: 60%

The Target I usually go to is remodeling so they did not have any of the Healthy Choice meals so I went to the other Target near me to get in on the deal. I love the Asian Potstickers- they were pretty much the only frozen dinner I could eat when I was nursing my kids because of their dairy allergies. You really don't realize how much food has dairy in it until you start reading the ingredient lists.

I bought the Sprite because I thought we ran out of soda for my husband. He put a pack of Mountain Dew in the Fridge the other day but no soda for him so I assumed we were out. Well, you know what they say when you assume things- we had a whole pack of Sierra Mist in our pantry. I wouldn't be so annoyed at myself except for the fact that we are already over budget for the week and I am expecting seven free Coke 12-pack coupons to arrive in the mail any day now from My Coke Rewards.


  1. I feel your pain about the soda. My husband was out of Coke so I used my last two free 12 packs to get some more (waiting on all of my free 12 pack coupons as well) and this week the Safeway ad has the buy 2 get 2 free deal back!! I'm hoping they show up in the mail this week.

  2. I just bought 5 Coke Zero/Sprite 12 packs for $15 at CVS this week (5 Extra Bucks Back), and I had a few myself already, so I actually only paid $12+. I think that is one of the best prices I have seen on the 12 pks in a while.

    I feel you with the dairy though, I have four lactose intolerant "boys" in my house (3 kids one husband), and it is amazing how much food has lactose in it.