Monday, January 17, 2011

Stop and Shop

2 Multigrain Cereal @ $3.19 - (2) .75 MC (doubled)
2 Cheerios @ $3.19 - (2) .55 MC (doubled)
Hood Milk $4.49 - Free Milk Catalina
2 Lunchables @ $1.00 each
Less $6 instant saving for buying 4 GM cereals

Total: $3.46
Saved: 81%

I received another free milk Catalina for buying four GM cereals- yeah!

I am going to donate the Multigrain Cheerios. My goal this year is to buy one thing each week to donate to the food bank and so far so good! Right now I have 2 boxes Special K cereal (free at Rite Aid), three 1 lb bags Carolina Rice (.19 each at Shaws), 4 boxes Multigrain Cheerios (super cheap at Stop and Shop) and a box of Kashi Cereal (free at Stop and Shop).

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