Monday, January 17, 2011

Rite Aid- The Hoarders Wrecked It for Us All...

2 Boxes Rice Krispies @ $1.99 each - $2/2 MC
2 Toilet Paper @ $1.00 each
Less $3.00 +Up rewards

Total: $1.09
Saved 82%

I originally bought 6 packs of toilet paper expecting six $1 +Up Rewards to print but only one printed. The cashier noticed before me and asked the manager about it. She went to the office to check to see if there were any updates from corporate on the deal and she brought back a paper stating that the limit on the deal was now one per household. The manager and cashier were very nice about it and the manager asked if I wanted to return the toilet paper that didn't generate the rewards. I returned four and they gave me back $4.25 in cash.

The cashier and I were talking and she said that a bunch of people the day before were buying twenty rolls at a time. So, I just want to say thank you to all of those who feel it is necessary to buy twenty packages of toilet paper at a time. Because people can't restrain themselves a bit, the rest of us have to suffer (I don't really mean that we will suffer- normal people realize that there will be more sales in the future so we don't have to go overboard at every free deal).

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