Sunday, January 16, 2011

Target- Paid to Buy Cat Food

4 Toddler Girl Pajama Sets @ $1.74 each (reg. $6.99 each)
Doritos $3.00 (requested by my husband)
Snyders Pretzels $2.39
Wheat Goldfish Crackers $2.33 (great deal!)
Applesauce $1.69
Hershey Cocoa Powder $2.60
Raisens $2.64
10 Good Life Wet Cat Food @ .77 each - (10) $1.50 MC ***$7.30 overage***
Cookware Play Set $3.75 (reg. $15.00)
2 Kashi Crackers @ $2.79 each - MC Free Coupon and $1/2 Target Coupon
Less $1.01 Red Card savings
Less .21 in negative tax (weird)

Total: $19.18
Saved 73%

More overage on cat food! I have been giving the food to my in-laws for their cats and the cats love it.

I ended up paying $1.79 for two boxes of Kashi crackers- a great deal in my book because they are a pretty healthy snack for my kids.

I bought the pajamas in 2T, 3T, 4T and 5T so I could put them away for my daughter to grow into.

The most exiting thing about my trip was that I found out that my Target is going to have produce soon because they are remodeling their grocery section. I can't wait! Maybe they will have meat too. There is a Stop and Shop right next door so I hope the competition for grocery customers equals great deals at both stores.

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