Friday, January 28, 2011

Sick Kids Equal Mommy Getting Crap Done

I am just going to come out and say it, but it seems like when my kids are sick I get a lot more done around the house and am able to hold onto a bit more of my sanity than usual.

Now, I'm not talking about throwing up and diarrhea sick- just run of the mill bad cold sick. I put the tv on in hopes of the kids resting in front of it and all stays pretty quiet in my house. My son relishes in this but my daughter will sit and watch tv in fifteen minute spurts, run around and then watch tv again. My son takes an afternoon nap when he isn't feeling well and my daughter takes a morning and afternoon nap when she isn't feeling well. My job is to provide water and snacks and to change the tv channel or put in a movie.

Today I did laundry, cleared clutter from my kitchen counter and reorganized a kitchen cabinet, vacuumed upstairs and the actual stairs, made a grocery shopping list (yeah! I usually make a haphazard last minute one) and I even got to eat my lunch in peace. It was great.

When the kids feel better it will be back to minimal tv time, refereeing fights over toys that my kids didn't even like until they saw the other one playing with it, trying to entertain two kids while attempting to clean the house and just plain wanting to rip my head off.

What really stinks is that once my kids are feeling better I'll most likely get whatever they have so I'll feel like crap and will still have to do the mom thing. It really makes you wonder why OSHA doesn't require caregivers of small children to wear hazmat suits to avoid all of the kid germs...

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