Sunday, January 30, 2011

If Seeing People Over Spend Their Money Makes You Sick Then Don't Read This...

2.67 lb Bananas $1.58
.92 lb Plums $2.75
2.11 lbs Pears $3.78
4.48 lb Apples $5.78
2 lb Bag Onions $1.99
1 lb Bag Carrots $1.19
Bagged Lettuce $2.19
5 lb Bag Potatoes $2.69
.99 lb Asparagus $1.31
1 lb Strawberries $2.99
3.87 lb Boneless Chicken Breast $7.70
3.52 lb Boneless Chicken Breast $7.00
.49 lb Shaws American Cheese $2.45
.53 lb Shaws Lower Sodium Ham $2.64
Lawry Buffalo Sauce $2.99
College Inn Low Sodium Beef Broth .89
Little Debbie Honey Buns $1.59 (morning snack for husband)
Shaws Gallon Water .89 (for the dog)
3 Poland Springs Gallons @ .99 each
2 Orville Red. Pop Corn @ $2.99 BOGO - (2) .40 Blinkies (doubled)
A&W and 7-Up 2 Liters @ $1.00 each - $2.50 MC wyb Orville Red. (.89 for all four items)
2 Cheerios @ $2.50 each - (2) .55 MC (doubled
2 MultiGrain Cheerios @ $2.50 each - (2) .75 MC (doubled)
3 Del Monte Tomatoes @ .79 each
2 Wishbone Dressing @ $2.00 each - (2) .40 MC (doubled)
2 PF Changs Meals @ $6.99 each - $1.00 MC (love these for my husband and I)
Rice Krispies $2.19
Heinz Ketsup $1.99
Chi Chi's Flour Tortillas $1.69
2 Chi Chi's Snackers @ $1.50 each - $1/2 MC
Snyders Pretzels $2.00
Yokisoba Noodles .89 - .50 MC (doubled) ***free***
Fiber One Whole Wheat Bread $2.50
4 Boston Market Meals @ $1.00 each (treat for me but what a lot of calories!)
YoToddler Yogurt $2.79
Simply GoGurt $2.99
Sorrento String Cheese $4.29 - $1.00 MC
2 Sargento Shredded Cheese @ $2.00 each - $1/2 MC
10 Yoplait Yogurt @ .50 each - $1/10 MC
Flipz Chocolate Pretzels $1.99 - $1.99 Catalina Free Coupon ***free***
Less $4.35 in bottle returns

Total: $110.67
Saved 43%
Received $10 Catalina for purchasing $20 worth of PF Changs, Wishbone and Del Monte
Received Catainla for a free gallon of milk for purchasing four GM cereals
I also got a Catalina for a free box of Lean Pockets, $2.00 off of any box of Kleenex, $1.00 off of any Sargento cheese snack, BOGO Jimmy D's product, .75 off onr Hood sour cream, $1.50 off of Post Great Grains cereal and $1.00 off of Alexia frozen fries. On top of that because I spent so darn much I got .10 off each gallon of gas I buy on my next fill up. hjy

I know that I spent a ton of money but I don't feel one once of guilt for it. My husband thought it was great (he wouldn't care if I spent $500 a week on groceries as long as we had food to eat in the house) and we are stocked up on a bunch of stuff. I was surprised to find that I spent about $27 on produce- wow, that stuff really adds up. I also wanted to stock up a bit on the chicken breast- we are almost out of the uber cheap Perfect Portions that I got over the summer and chicken breast is a must in my house. What we also must have are string cheese, yogurt, wheat bread, pears, Rice Krispies and bottled water (our water tastes bad so I will not drink it and I  will not make my kids drink it- I have also decided that since my other dog was put down that our survivng dog should get bottled water; who knows what kind of crap is in the town water and I don't want this dog to get sick).

So I spent a lot but I got a lot. There are foods that I want my kids to eat that cost a lot but I feel like it is worth it. If I buy cheap crappy food then the kids will eat cheap crappy food. If my son loves string cheese and yogurt then I will pay whatever I have to for them because I would rather him eat those for a snack than eat fruit snacks.

Lets hope though that I have gotten the shop till you drop thing out of my system and that next week I keep it under $75.

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