Thursday, December 2, 2010

Buying Clothing Ahead

My daughter will be 18 months old in a couple of weeks so I decided it was high time to pull out her 18-24 months clothing from my stash. Throughout the year I buy my kids clothes when I can get them for really cheap and then I store them in plastic bins in their closets.

My son doesn't have a ton of stuff because he is a boy (boy clothes are not very exciting to buy) and his growth has really slowed down so he stays in one size a lot longer. My daughter on the other hand has tons of stuff. I love buying her clothes- I dress rather boring so I am living out my inner fashionista through her. I know that one day she will hate everything I pick out for her so I am taking full advantage of her inability to disagree.

So, here is what I found:

3 dresses
1 tank
3 long sleeve shirts
2 short sleeve shirts
2 sweaters
3 pants

Old Navy
2 long sleeve shirts
1 shot sleeve shirt
1 hat

Children's Place
1 long sleeve shirt (hand me down)

Gap Outlet
1 pair of pants (hand me down from son)

1 long sleeve shirt

Anything short sleeved will be layered with a long sleeve shirt or a sweater (which is how I get more mileage out of clothing).

My daughter is pretty much set for the winter but if I find more cheap deals then I will get her more stuff. My son is also set for the winter. Yeah for me! Now where is my completely new wardrobe?


  1. I do this too because I refuse to dress my kids in crap clothes and I can get goodwill store prices for BRAND new high name label clothes.

  2. My neighbor buys all of her kids' clothes at Target and I know for a fact that she spends way more than I do when I buy name brand stuff. SOme people just don't get the concept of stockpiling and buying ahead...

  3. I going to start doing this with my daughter. She's 7 months now and I have plenty of clothes for the winter but nothing when she switches to 9-12 months and it is spring. I guess I need to be stockpiling now!

  4. It really does make such a difference buying ahead. It is nice when you pull out a season's worth of clothes and don't have to worry about having to pay full price last minute for everything. I also like it because you never know what your finances are going to look like in the future so it is nice when times are tight that the kids are set with their clothing- it is one less thing to stress about!

  5. I have three boys, and I do the same. I usually buy in January and August, and then only if there is a really great deal in between.

    Right before our yard sale, I went through all of their clothes and switched it around, anything that looked worn was sold (and I sold it all). I was amazed to see that all the H&M clothes will go through all three boys with no problems, and a lot of it looks like new, even though it is eight years old.