Thursday, November 18, 2010

Shaws- I Finally Earned My Free Turkey!

Knox Gelatin $1.87
McCormick Ground Pepper $1.99
5 Cup O Noodle Soups @ .43 each (for work)
Super Pretzels $2.69 - .50 MC (doubled)
Hood Milk $3.89
10 Pillsbury Crescent Rolls @ $1.50 each - (5) $1/2 MC
Cottonelle Moist Wipes $2.85 - $2.85 MC ***free***
Less $5 instant saving for buying 10 Pillsbury
Less $4 in dollar doubler coupons
Less $3.05 in can redemptions

Total: $9.54
Saved 77%
I also earned a $3 Catalina for purchasing six or more Pillsbury Crescents

I just barely squeaked by the $500 mark ($501.94 to be exact) and earned my free turkey coupon! Next week I will have $20 towards my turkey and whatever is left over goes towards the rest of my order. $500 is a lot to spend on groceries in four weeks but I used tons of coupons so there is no way I even spent close to that. Yeah!

I didn't use the $3 Catalina that I earned on Tuesday towards this order because it would have taken under the $15 minimum purchase to be able to use the dollar doublers. I now have $6 in Catalinas to use next week for my Thanksgiving shopping as well as the $20 turkey coupon.

As for all of those crescent rolls, I now have twenty of them in my fridge. They are not the healthiest things but my husband and I like to make them as a snack and they were free after coupons, doublers and taking the Catalinas into account. They also helped me get to my free turkey faster.


  1. I to earned mine and didnt spend near 500! I bought a 18 lb turkey and 4 stove top stuffings for 5.25 and will submit for the rebate! Nothing better then free thanksgiving

  2. Yum! Free food tastes even better!