Tuesday, November 9, 2010

One Room Down, Two To Go...

I bought a bunch of fabric awhile ago so that I could make valances for three of our rooms and some other odds and ends. I have been working on the computer/my daughter's playroom which included a slipcover for an ottoman and tow valances and I finally finished tonight!

Here is the ottoman slipcover. I have never made one of these before and it was a bit harder than I though it would be. There are some adjustments that I could make but I am so over making slipcovers right now. I am still very happy with the way it came out though.

This is what the ottoman looked like before I covered it- really ugly. My husband brought this monstrosity home when he bought the chair because it was so cheap he couldn't resist buying it- I'm cheap but I think I would have left this thing at the store.

This is the room with the ottoman slipcover and the two valances that I made (don't mind the spots in the picture- my camera stinks). I know the walls are pretty bare but I hesitate to put much on them because this is the room that my daughter plays in and I have a fear of her somehow knocking a picture off the wall and it hitting her in the head (crazy, much?).

Here is what I have left to do:
Family Room- large valance (length of three windows, small valance (one window) and two pillow slipcovers.
Dining Room: large valance (length of three windows) and some kind of a curtain for the bottom of the fish tank holder.

This other stuff will be a breeze to do. I really wish I had done the slipcover last because I was seriously working on it for a month- well, looking at it for a month and dreading working on it.

There is nothing like hosting a holiday to kick your butt into gear!

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