Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Check Out This Great Giveaway!

Frugirl has an awesome giveaway going on that is right up my alley...

She is giving away a Date Night Prize Pack which includes a Wanchai Ferry Dry Dinner Kit, a Macaroni Grill Dry Dinner Kit and a $25 Visa Gift Card "that you can use to create a magical date night at home".

I love this because with two small children my husband and I never get to go out anymore but it is still nice to have a home date night once in awhile. It really does seem like a lifetime ago when we would just go out to eat on a whim and leisurely sit at the bar of a restaurant and eat and imbibe in some alcoholic drinks. Now, our idea of a good night is when the kids are in bed early, the house is cleaned up and we get to relax while watching a Red Box movie.

To enter, head over to Frugirl and leave a comment!

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