Monday, November 29, 2010

Beautiful and Fugly Mashed Up into One

This is my son's "homework" from nursery school. He had to make a collage of his family's hand prints.

I think it is beautiful. If someone else's child made it I would think it was kind of ugly.

As a mom I look at this and see time that my son and I spent together and how much effort he put into gluing on the feathers and glitter. I see how proud he was when it was finished and the smile he had when I told him he did a great job and that he was a little artist.

Now I know that when I made art projects when I was a kid that were just awful, my mom was totally lying when she said she loved them. She thought they were ugly but she loved the effort I put into them and the memories they would bring to her when she looked at them years later.

But yeah, kid art can be kind of fugly.

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