Monday, October 4, 2010

Shaws- My Aimless Trip

.62 lb Sweet Potato .80
.78 lb Pears $1.40
.23 lb Plum .57
1 lb Strawberries $2.50
.72 lb Haddock $6.47
4 Vanilla Wafers @ .50 each (husband loves these)
5 Cup O Noodle Soups @ .43 each
3 Clif Sardines @ .88 each
2 Lays Chips @ $3.99 BOGO
Super Pretzel $2.69 - .75 MC (doubled)
Danimal Yogurt $2.99 - $1.00 MC
Hood Milk $3.89
Sargento Shredded Cheese $2.00
Less $3.00 Catalina
Less $3.75 Bottle Refund

Total: $24.84

The Lays chips were a craving- I haven't been buying myself any treats for awhile so I gave in and bought these. I actually only got myself one bag of BBQ and I got my husband Salt and Vinegar (yuck). The Cup O Noodle Soups are for lunch when I go to work. The work microwave is back to absolutely disgusting status so with the soups I can use hot water from the water dispenser to make them (and no, I am not going to clean the microwave because I did not make the bio hazard mess in it).

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