Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lazy Baking Day

We have no baked goods in our freezer- well, unless you want to count one whole wheat pancake and a few boxes of Buttermilk Eggos.

After feeling a bit panicked (having healthy snacks in the freezer is my life line), I decided that I was going to have a baking day today. I was going to make wheat waffles, wheat banana pancakes and wheat zucchini muffins.

I made the waffles and feel too worn out to do anything else baking wise today. Maybe tomorrow I will bake the muffins and then on Friday I will make the pancakes. Sounds good to me!

As for the waffles, I am freezing half of them and the other half are staying in the fridge for snacks for the week. This is my second attempt at waffles and they came out good- I actually tried one and liked it! I used the recipe from the book that came with my Cuisinart Waffle Maker- not the super healthiest wheat waffle recipe but I can always tweak it now that I know it works. I actually replaced about half of the milk with apple juice and I replaced the butter with olive oil (I didn't want to open a stick of butter and have the rest go to waste).

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