Thursday, October 14, 2010

Butternut Squash Whole Wheat Pancakes

I steamed the butternut squash that I bought the other day at the store but my kids hate it. I don't blame them because I hate butternut squash too (of course I would never let them know that).

I was running low on frozen pancakes so I decided that I would make some more but realized that I did not have any bananas- what I did have was some steamed squash. Off to google I went to search for a whole wheat butternut squash recipe- seemed like a shot in the dark to me but people actually use squash in pancakes. Weird.

So anyways, the recipe is here. I made a few revisions:
I didn't add nutmeg or ginger because I don't have those spices.
I substituted the butter for oil because I didn't want to open a stick of butter.
I did half wheat flour and half regular flour because all wheat seems to make too dense of a pancake.
I omitted the salt.
I added some vanilla- not sure why I did but it was there so I added it.

They seemed like they came out pretty good. My daughter wouldn't eat her but she has been anti-pancake and pro-muffin lately. My son ate his and he is so very picky so I guess the squash is pretty discreet. Me- well it will be a cold day in you know where before I would eat these pancakes because I hate butternut squash and I know it is in there. If I didn't know that it was in there then I would try them- I am just an overgrown kid sometimes...

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