Wednesday, September 15, 2010

First Day of Nursery School

Today was my son's first day of nursery school. He didn't even care that I was leaving him with strangers for three hours. He saw the Play Doh on the tables and forgot that he even had a mom.

I cried when I left but then I went to Rite Aid and got an awesome deal.

When my daughter and I got home from Rite Aid I put her down for her nap and I got to relax in front of the TV- oh wait, I was just wishing I did that. I got to clean up a bit. Then in a blink of an eye back to school to pick up my son.

My son said school was fun and that he went into the girl's bathroom by accident- is it bad that I laughed? I mean I was laughing with him not at him, right?

So, day one was a success (I measure this on the fact that he didn't pee his pants and didn't hit any kids).

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  1. Oh, I dread the day my little one heads off to school. I love having her home with me. First day of school is such a big milestone for both mommy and kiddo!