Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rite Aid- Just Call Me Toothbrush Hoarder

Johnson & Johnson Baby Wash $3.99 - $1.00 MC and $1.00 VV
Birthday Card $2.79
10 Reach Toothbrushes @ $2.99 each - (5) BOGO MC, (4) $1.00 MC and $1.00 VV
Less $1 off $10 Oral Care Wellness Coupon
Less $5 off $25
Less $5 gift card from previous SCR

Total: $4.21
Received: $18.00 +Up Rewards ($10 for buying $30 J&J, (3) $2 for buying Reach and $2 for buying J&J Baby Wash)

I would have had a way lower out of pocket but I left my +Up Rewards from the other day at home. I now have $38.50 in +Up Rewards- holy moley! I feel like I did when CVS used to have awesome deals every week.


  1. Random Rite Aid question: Have you ever received your promotional gift card for purchasing a specific amount of one product? For example: I purchased $30 worth of oral care products and requested my $10 gift card...a long time ago. I still haven't received my gift card though and I'm wondering how much longer to wait before I get worried??

  2. I requested a Skin Care Rebate gift card on 7/28 and didn't receive it in the mail until last week so it seems like they drag their feet a bit when it comes to mailing out gift cards! I would worry if it takes more than six weeks.

    I just requested my Oral Care gift card a few days ago so at this rate I should get it near the end of October! Yikes!