Monday, August 16, 2010

Good Bye Butterflies

We let our butterflies go yesterday.

They were getting very rambunctious in their habitat so I told my son that they needed to be free so they could go see their families and play. He was actually OK with it and was excited to let them go.

We went into the back yard and opened up their habitat and they fluttered away- except for one that took a few minutes to figure out he was free.

Now I have an empty butterfly habitat that has red stains (not sure what they are) all over it that I have to figure out how to clean.

We will definitely be getting more larvae next year because it was a fun learning experience for everyone, but now onto the worms!


  1. I've been enjoying following your blog the last few weeks!

    According to The Google (my friend's grandma calls it that - cute!), the red stuff is meconium from their wings. You should be able to wash it off with just warm water.

  2. Phoe,

    Thanks for the tip! I was starting to think it was butterfly poop so meconium is way less gross.

    The Google- thats funny that your friend's grandma knows about Google. My grandmother thinks computers give off radiation and are dangerous(don't ask!).

    Thanks for reading!