Friday, August 20, 2010

Another Great Mail Day

Her is what I got today:

Coupon for free box of any Kashi item- I sent an email to Kashi because when I opened a box of their cereal bars most of the bars had hole in their wrappers from how they were sealed. Kashi is really great above issues like this- last year I had a box of crackers that the inner bag was not sealed at the bottom at all and they sent me coupons then too.

Coupon for a free Huggies Jumbo Pack at Rite Aid- I got this because I bought 6 packages of Huggies last month (well, I only bought 2 and a very nice person on Hot Coupon World had four receipts for Huggies that she wasn't using).

$10.00 CVS Gift Card- I got this from taking surveys for Lightspeed Panel. I really wish they were still accepting people because this is my favorite survey company and I have made out like a bandit from them!

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