Wednesday, July 28, 2010

To the Dentist We Go...

Tomorrow at about 12 pm Eastern time please be thinking of me and sending warm thoughts my way.

Tomorrow is my three year old son's first visit to the dentist, or as he so affectionately calls him- the tooth doctor.

I have been telling him what is going to happen, he has watched the Elmo's World Dentist episode numerous times and we have read the Berenstein Bears Visit the Dentist book a lot.

I am a little nervous about how he is going to act and to add to my nervousness my one year old daughter will be coming along for the adventure so I will have to keep her occupied as well as helping my son to feel comfortable in a new situation.

Next on my mommy-is-home-all-day-and-this-is-her-job errand is taking one of our dogs to the vet with the two kids in tow.

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