Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rite Aid- Clash of the Titans

Colgate $3.00 - $1.00 mc
Reach Toothbrush $3.99 - $1.00 mc
Mail Truck $4.99

Total: $5.82 after using $4.50 in +Up Rewards
Received: $4.00 +Up Rewards ($1.00 Reach and $3.00 Colgate)
Will submit for $2.99 SCR for Reach

My son was so good at the dentist today. He was so polite and did everything that he was supposed to; I almost thought that I somehow had someone else's child with me.

Then we went to Rite Aid so I could get Colgate and the Reach toothbrush. I told he that he could get the mail truck because I was so proud of him- at this point I thought that *gasp* we were going to get out of the store all in a good and happy mood. Boy, was I wrong.

As I was checking out he saw some cream filled crackers that he wanted and was flipping out about them. I paid for my purchase and held my ground with my son so he screamed the whole way to the car.

He screamed the whole way home.

He screamed the whole time I was taking his sister in the house and bringing other stuff in the house.

He screamed while I dragged him to his room.

He since has calmed down and is taking a nap. I told him that if he is a good boy for the rest of the day he can have his mail truck because he was good at the dentist.

The poor girl at Rite Aid looked like a teenager and my son was probably great birth control for her with the way he was acting.

Kids are great.

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