Thursday, July 1, 2010


2.5 Gallon Nursery Water $2.69 - .55 mc (reg. $2.99)
2 Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayers @ $6.99 each - (2) $3.00 Target coupons and (2) $5.00 mc ***$2.02 Overage***
Toy Story Fruit Snacks $2.24 (potty training treat for my son)
Honey Buns $1.44 (husband's snack for work)
2 PF Deli Flats @ $1.99 each - $1/2 mc and (2) $1.00 Target Coupons ***2 for .98***
Eggos $1.75
Nutrigrain Eggos $2.84 - $1/2 mc
4 Sobe @ $1.00 each - (2) BOGO mc and (2) .50 Target Coupons ***4 for $1.00***
2 Ziploc Evolve @ $1.87 each - $1/2 mc and (2) $1.00 Target Coupons ***2 for .74***
Big Lady Bug Cat Toy $1.67 (reg. 6.99) (for in-laws cats, son picked it out)
Rawhide $1.57 (reg. $6.29)
2 Armor All Tire Shine @ $3.99 each - (2) $2.00 mc and $3/2 Target Coupon ***2 for .98***

Total: $14.52

I messed up on the Eggos. I had the kids with me and didn't pay attention to the signs so I thought the NutriGrain waffles were also on sale like they were last time, but no. To make it worse, the cashier didn't scan my Target coupon so I also got charged an extra $1.00.

Should I have gone back in to get my dollar back? In theory, yes but I had the kids who were beginning to get cranky and at that point in time $1.00 was not worth the potential melt down plus these were something that I buy anyways so it wasn't like I was just getting it because it was cheap.

See this toy- this toy set me back $138.11 including tax. That is a lot of money you may say, and I think so too.

Why did I buy it you may ask?

Well, my son was pooping in his underwear because he refused to poop on the potty which meant that I had to clean his poopy underwear multiple times a day (he poops a lot- must take after his dad). Not to get graphic but these weren't little poops, these were grown up size poops.

I was sick of doing it so the other day I didn't put any underwear on him and told him that if he had to poop he could go on the potty or put a diaper on because pooping on the floor was out of the question. He decided the best choice was to poop on the potty. I then told him in desperation that I would buy him the Buzz Lightyear robot if he kept pooping on the potty.

He has complied thus far so I shelled out the cash to buy this. And you know what, it was well worth it because I haven't had to touch human feces for a few days.

He is very proud that he a big boy and is very happy that he has his robot. I am proud of him too and I am happy that I don't have to clean poopy underwear anymore.

(I found this same toy on Amazon for $125.00 shipped with no tax so I will be returning the Target one and saving myself abput $13.00.)

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  1. I got this same toy about 4 months ago on sale at Walmart for $75.00 - bought it because I AM a Toystory fan and just "had to have it"... It was on 1/2 price sale.... But in order to help save the sanity of the house, it might well be worth the extra $$.