Thursday, July 1, 2010

Missing Out

I woke up this morning and checked Slickdeals and found out that My Coke Rewards was giving out free 12 pack coupons. I jumped on that link so fast only to find that the promotion was over.

I then read the comment to find that some people had gotten hundreds of coupons each. What?

My first reaction was how dare they be so greedy? I wanted a coupon- just one coupon. You know what though- I was sleeping when the deal was posted and when you snooze you lose.

I was annoyed that I missed out on it considering I check Slickdeals numerous times during the day but I'm not going to get upset over one coupon. I am sure there have been deals that I got in on and others missed out on so it all equals out in the end, Plus, it must have taken a good amount of time to get that many coupons and I do not have the time or patience so good for them.

They got a "Slickdeal" and I got some sleep.

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