Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rite Aid How I Love You

3 Duracell @ $4.99 each - (3) $1.00 Peelies
2 Garnier Face Wipes @ $6.29 each - (2) $5.00 In Ad Coupons, (2) $1.00 mc and $2.00 Video Values

Total: $5.77

The Duracell will count towards the buy $20 worth and get $10.00 SCR. I was happily surprised that each Duracell produced an +Up Reward- yeah!

Thanks to The Coupon Goddess for the Garnier deal idea!

I had $3.00 in +Up Rewards from yesterday but I forgot to use them but oh well because my out of pocket was pretty low.

As of today I will be getting back about $23.00 in SCR and I have $16.00 in +Up Rewards (that is counting the $7.00 that is being mailed to me from buying Zegerid).

I love you Rite Aid!

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