Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My (lame) Garden

This is my garden, well it is actually my three year old son's garden

I purchased an Oscar the Grouch String Bean Kit at Lowes awhile ago thinking that the tiny pots that it came with would sustain the plants throughout the entire growing process. Silly me, huh? Something even sillier is that I planted three seeds in each of the 1 inch diameter pots because the instructions said to (I don't think that they were the right instructions). I look back and see what a complete gardening dummy I was which is why I am thankful that I didn't plant a real garden this year.

 I got the planter on clearance at Target for $10.00 and we bought the trellis thingy when we realized that string beans grow pretty tall. For all of the money I have put out we have harvested about twenty string beans so far. I also thought that my son would eat string beans if he grew them himself which- ha! He uses the string beans as telephones; at least he will touch them.

So our next growing experiment will most likely be pumpkins but this time I will do a little research so I know what the hell I'm doing.

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