Monday, July 26, 2010

Mail Time

Here is what my dump of a mail lady brought me today.

$10.00 Kraft Rebate Check (from facebook awhile ago)
25% off $75 Purchase at Gap Outlet
Free Starbucks Drink for my husband (he is part of the Starbucks Reward Program so for every 15 drinks he buys with his gift card he gets a free one)

We also got a cell phone bill, a bill for my daughter's lead test (I wish they would let you know the lab was out of network and let you choose one that is in network) and a new credit card because my old one had numerous fraudulent charges on it for flowers (one purchase was for $110 so I'm sure that person got some nice ones- I suppose it is easy to buy someone nice flowers when you are not actually paying for them) .

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