Monday, July 5, 2010

My Attempt at Cake Balls

I was going to a cook out today and wanted to make something to bring. I saw this post at the Coupon Goddess where she made cake balls and I thought they looked pretty cool. I do have to say that she is a much better baker than me as I am still a beginner but I do hope someday I am as good as her!

This is what I bought at Michaels to accomplish my task.

2 Bags White Melting Chocolate @ $2.99 each
Package of Candy Cups @ $1.99

Total: $8.09

This is what I turned out.
This plate was for the cook out.

This plate was for my neighbors across the street.

This plate was for my in-laws.

The plates were just plain Chinet plates that I got for almost free last year that I glued little stars to (I have a star hole punch).

I followed the directions from here except I used homemade cake (vanilla) and homemade frosting (buttercream). I halved the frosting recipe because I only needed 1 1/2 cups.

Things I will do differently next time I make these are:

-using less frosting in the mix; the balls looked really doughy
-use wax or parchment paper to put dipped balls on because they stuck to the nonstick cookie sheet I used
-use a different coating; the white chocolate was too rich for me.

One major thing that I won't do next time is forget the cake balls that I spent all night making in the car at the cook out so that they melted and I had to throw them away.

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