Wednesday, July 7, 2010

If there is one thing that is a way hit or miss on great deals for me it is baby wipes. Either I find a great deal or no deal at all and I think that this was a great deal considering they were shipped to my house for free and I paid no sales tax.

Pamper Wipes $18.49 - $5.55 (30% savings with subscribe and save)

Total: $12.94 or .018 cents per wipe

My out of pocket would have been lower if I had any gift certificates earned through Swagbucks but I used them all to buy a Magic Jack (btw- the Magic Jack has been great so far, well worth the money!).

My target price for wipes is .01 but that doesn't account for tax. I have easily paid the same or more on my last minute trips to BJs for wipes when I've realized we were down to one container. Plus, it feels nice to "reward" myself by not having to hunt for an awesome deal on wipes. Now I can wait for the deals to come to me because these should last awhile (hopefully).

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