Saturday, July 24, 2010

It's Called Restraint

These shoes are so fricken cute that I can't even stand it. They are $24.99 at Gap and I have a $10.00 Reward Certificate from my Gap Credit Card so they would be $14.99. There is only a size 3 left which is exactly the size my daughter would be right now.

If I buy them now she will outgrow them in no time so I am going to be practical and not buy the shoes I love. I will wait and see if they go on sale somewhere else so I will be able to get a size 4. She has a pair of soft soled Robeez right now that still have some room in them so I have some time.

Who knows, by then I may find a new pair for her that I love.
Sometimes I hate being practical- it's so boring.

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