Saturday, June 26, 2010

Shopping Recap Week Ending June 26 Clothing

Children's Place

Total: $15.27
Details here


Total: $33.00
Details here

Toys R Us

Total: $8.17
Details here

I'm excited because I got myself some shirts and once I am done nursing I can actually wear them (my nursing bras are great but they make it hard to wear tops that are even a little low cut so I haven't been able to wear v-neck or scoop neck tops for a long time). My daughter is down to just a pre-bedtime feeding so my next shopping trip will be for a couple of new bras most likely in a way smaller size than I am now. Good bye nice chest, hello padded push up bras!


  1. I like the tank tops from the GAP. They are cute and look comfy.

    I can totally "feel ya" on the smaller bra once the nursing is over. I have only ever had a chest once...and that is because I have only one child. :)

  2. Great deals!

    Thank you for the comment about diapers...I really appreciate it!