Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday Shopping

Here is what I accomplished today:


I made a return in the baby department and was told that all of the women's sale items were an additional 40% off. She didn't have to tell me twice- I made a beeline to the women's department. Then at the register I was told that I would get an additional 10% off because it was Tuesday and I was using my Gap Card. I love when things like this happen to me. And here I was annoyed that I had to drive to Smithfield because the Gap in my town was closed.

Sweater Jacket $31.00 (reg. $69.50)
2 Tank Tops @ $10.00 each (reg. $19.50)
T-Shirt $10.00 (reg. $19.50)
Sub Total: $61.00
Total After Discounts (40% and an additional 10%): $33.00
I saved about 75% off of the regular prices.

Children's Place

2 Pairs of Pajamas @ $4.99 each
2 Pairs of Shorts @ $3.99 each
Sub Total: $17.96
Total After Discount (15% coupon): $15.27

I'm sure if I waited longer I could have gotten this stuff for much cheaper but I don't know when I'll be going there again so I would rather get the stuff for a little more now than not get it at all later.

I went to Kohls to see if they had the Bona Floor Cleaning Kit but they didn't have it. There were some racks of heavily marked down clearance clothing in the baby section but it wasn't my kids' style so I left empty handed.

I didn't get to go to Shaws like I planned because the store that I though was Shaws was actually Stop and Shop. A little bit of a bummer but oh well, I can go tonight after dinner.

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