Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Old Navy- Happy Feet

I had a $5.00 off any purchase coupon that I received from Old Navy for having a Gap Credit Card and I needed to use it before it expired. My brown Old Navy flip flops that I bought a couple of years ago for $1.00 broke so I was in need of a replacement.

2 Pairs Flip Flops @ $2.50 each
Baby Socks $1.00
Coupon: - $5.00 off any purchase
Total: $1.00 with free shipping

I bought the socks because my online total couldn't be zero dollars and I am sure my daughter will need socks in size 2T someday. I could have used this coupon in store but online shopping is so much easier and I get free shipping on any size order because I have a Gap Silver Card (aren't I just so special).

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