Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What a Day

Today was one of those days- you know, the kind where you wish you had a "real" job and someone else had the privilege of tending to your children.

Something awful happened (maybe I'm being overly dramatic)- my 3 year old son slapped my face. He was having a screaming fit for some reason that I don't remember and I was carrying him to his bedroom and he whacked me. It physically hurt a little but emotionally it hurt a lot.

I put him in his room, told him to stay there until he could be a good boy and listen to me and I went downstairs ans cried while I was feeding my daughter her breakfast.

I know that most moms have a moment when their kids do something like this or say "I hate you" or "you embarrass me" but I just thought I had some time before it happened to me. My little baby boy who used to be so sweet all of the time was so mad at me for telling him he couldn't do something that he slapped me.

He has since apologized to me and has been lectured by me and then my husband that hitting is not good and that he really made me sad when he did it. I know that to him it was not malicious- he is a little boy and is still learning what behavior is acceptable and how to control his feelings but I still feel a little sad that it happened and I almost feel like I could cry about it right now. What a drama queen I am.

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  1. From what I have noticed with my son if I get upset and yell and punish him that way it has an effect but little....But If I am upset or sad and he can see that it makes a world of difference