Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Donating My Junk

Today the Epilepsy Foundation took my donation from the curb in front of my house and left me a $3.00 off a $10.00 purchase at Savers. I love getting rid of things that I don't need and I really love coupons so I felt really good.

I have only been to Savers once and was not impressed but it was the one in Woonsocket, RI which is not a very nice area to begin with. They just opened one in my town so with my coupon in hand I will give it another chance. I am not to keen on buying second hand clothing but they have other things too so I might get lucky.

I didn't take a picture of my donation because by the time I thought of it everything was already in the bag and you know I was not going to unpack it just to snap a picture.

Here is what I got rid of:

Brand new George Foreman Grill (the really big one, only used once)- I tried to make hamburgers on it and they came out like complete crap. What a piece of junk.
2 Decorative Curtain Rods- we bought these years ago and still liked them but they don't fit on out windows in our house.
Light Up Make Up Mirror- I have another one that I like better
Scum Buster- It has a brush that attaches to it that spins so you can clean. I prefer to clean the old fashioned way.
Clothing- A suit jacket that I got at Target 3 or 4 years ago on clearance for $7.00 that still had the tags on it and 2 tank tops that are only suitable for a teenager to wear, not a 27 year old mother of two who drives a mini van and stockpiles toilet paper.
Shoes- My son's outgrown Robeez Tredz, Adidas sneakers, New Balance Sneakers
An end table that we got for free and was ugly

So, it felt nice to donate things to a good cause, it felt better to get rid of stuff that I didn't need and it felt great to have someone pick it up for me.

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