Monday, June 14, 2010

Food Donation

Last night I decided to clean out my pantry because it was starting to feel cluttered. I am embarrassed at how much stuff was expired- though it was all free I feel bad that I didn't donate it before it went bad (my husband was annoyed because he had just put the trash out on the curb and when he came in it was full again- oops).

This is a picture of what I found to donate that had not expired yet. It was all free during various sales and Catalina deals and it is all stuff that I know we will not be using.

This is a good starting point for me because I now hope to keep up on what kind of food I am bringing into my home. That way I can donate things we won't end up using instead of throwing them in the trash (did I mention that the town trash bags cost $1.50 each- my free food cost me money to throw it away).

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