Friday, June 25, 2010

$200 Milk

We ran out of milk this afternoon because I used the last 1/3 cup to make my instant mashed potatoes (had to eat something mushy because of my wisdom teeth) so my husband said he would run to Cumberland Farms to get some.

He left right then and when he came home he had some bad news.

He got the milk but on the way there (Cumberland Farms is 2 minutes from the house) a truck kicked up a metal object and it hit the hood of my brand new VW mini van.

Are you kidding me? WTF?

The hood had a large scratch that was down to the bare metal and there was a large dent (damn those aluminum hoods!). My husband took the van down to the family body guy (yes, between us and my in-laws the family has a body guy) and it will cost about $200 to repair the damage.

We have the money in savings to cover this (it feels good to have money set aside for these things and to not have to rely on credit cards) but it still really stinks. It is one of those "what if" situations- what if I had not used the last bit of milk at that moment, what if my husband had decided to be lazy and not left at that moment to get milk, what if some a-hole didn't drop a metal object in the road?

That milk my husband bought better be some damn good milk for $200.

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