Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Shaws- Free Meat and Cheese!

1.43 lb Bananas .99
Cucumber .75
4.22 lb Watermelon $2.91
1.13 lb Oranges $1.12
5 lb Idaho Potatoes $2.99
4 Ears Corn $2.00
1.34 lb Top Round Steak $4.01 - $1.00 meat markdown and $3.00 Old El Paso Catalina *cost .01*
1.16 lb Top Round Steak $3.47 - $1.00 meat markdown and $3.00 Old El Paso Catalina *free*
Fiber One Pancake Mix $3.99
Brownie .59 (for my son- he was a very good helper)
4C Salt Free Bread Crumbs $1.99
4 Smart Taste Pasta @ $1.19 each (rain check) - (4) .74 mc (doubled with no overage) *free*
Entemans Marshmallow Fudge Cake $2.99 (my husband loves this cake)
Lays Potato Chips $2.49 (treat for me)
Hot Dog Buns .99
Hamburger Buns .99
Fiber One Whole Wheat Bread $2.99
Lindsay Olives $2.39 - $1.00 mc
Best Life Buttery Spread $2.79 - $1.00 mc
Tropicana Orange Juice $3.99 - $1.00 mc
Eggs $1.49 - $1.49 instant coupon from buying Tropicana *free*
2 Sorrento String Cheese @ $3.49 each - $3/2 mc *$1.02 mm after $5 mail in rebate*

Total: $35.31 including $2.10 bottle redemption

I will be sending in for the Sorrento $5 mail in rebate when you buy two packages of string cheese (it is a peelie on the front of the package). This will make the cheese a $1.02 money maker.

The Smart Taste was on sale for $1.39 this week so if I didn't use the rain check to get it for $1.19 I would have gotten overage instead of just getting it for free. Poor me.

The beef will be used in some way with the beef broth that I have which is expiring in a couple of months. I think I have eight containers of it (I went a little broth happy during one of Shaws' Catalina deals) and I will most likely donate some of it soon because I don't know how I would use it all.

I have 2 dozen free eggs plus a dozen still leftover from a trip to BJ's in my refrigerator right now. I need to get my butt in gear and start using them.

If I bought the Fiber One Pancake Mix at Target it would have been $1.00 cheaper and the Fiber One Bread would have been .50 cheaper but the thought of going to another store with two kids was not worth $1.50 to me. I'm cheap but not that cheap.

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