Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Call the Police- I Don't Feed My Kids Organic!

It seems like in the past few years going green has become uber cool (yeah, I just said uber- that makes me cool, right?). Recycle everything possible. Reuse stuff until it can't be reused anymore. Reduce your consumption of goods. Feed your families organic, grass fed, antibiotic and hormone free, non genetically modified food. If you don't do these things you must apologize and give excuses as to why you are poisoning the earth and your family.

I don't always recycle and when I do it is because my town charges a butt load of money for town trash bags- I am cheap and don't want "the man" to get my money more than he has to. I reuse stuff if I feel like it and if it makes sense to but I throw a lot of crap away because it is easier and I would rather spend time with my kids than figuring out how to turn an empty milk jug into anything that I would remotely even think of using. As far as reducing consumption of goods- bah! If I have the money to buy it and I want it or need it then I get it and when I'm done with it I donate it or throw it in the trash.

I feed my family the food that I feel comfortable feeding them. That includes Organic stuff when it is on sale for the same or a lower price than the regular stuff or if the ingredients are healthier. I try to buy things that don't have a lot of added preservatives and other junk but at the same time I am realistic about food and nutrition. My kids are not going to grow up eating bean sprouts and tofu. They will have a normal relationship with food- I believe everything in moderation is ok. So my excuse for not buying Organic is that I don't want to. Pesticides keep bugs off of the food and make it possible for farms to grow more of it. The more food that is grown the less expensive it is and more people have access to fruits and vegetables. How horrible, huh?

I don't like to recycle, I don't reuse stuff unless it requires minimal effort, I like to buy stuff- the more the better- and I feed my family poisoned foods with the occasional high fructose corn syrup treat thrown in. Sounds normal to me...

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